NDP urges temporary overseas workers in limbo to apply for Canada citizenship

March 25, 2015
NDP wants Canadian government to aid temporary overseas workers in acquiring citizenship

The New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Thomas Mulcair in Canada wants the government to assist the overseas employees, who are closer to their expiry period of four-year visas, in order to be entitled to citizenship.

The Canadian government has enabled visa extensions for some employees in Alberta so they can’t be forced to depart the country when they await an answer.

The NDP employment critic Jinny Sims said that there is no masking the conventional continued misconduct of this program. These employees follow the regulations and entered to Canada as well as worked hard in order to contribute to the country’s economy.

Under the existing rules, overseas employees whose work permits expire on 1 April would not be enabled to re-apply for an additional four years. In several situations, Sims said, these employees would be substituted by new temporary overseas employees who won't have the similar training.

In few industries, non-seasonal agriculture, there exists no existing pathway for those employees to apply for PR as they are considered too low-skilled. 

Sims said that the solution is to have additional streams of immigration.

She added that the government have this thought that the only employees the country need are the very young and are highly skilled. There is a need for employees from overseas for those categories.

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