Net immigration to UK has augmented to over 38% in 2013-14

August 30, 2014
UK sees increase in immigration rate

The UK government statistician said that the net immigration to UK has augmented to over 38% in 2013-14. 

Nationals of EU-including a raised number of citizens from Bulgaria and Romania, are responsible for the two-thirds of the increase compare to the earlier figure of 175,000.

The figures also demonstrated that more than 25% of births in Wales and England in the previous year were to mothers themselves born overseas. An increase was also seen in the ratio of individuals in the UK who were born abroad.

On the report of migration statistics from the Office for National Statistics, the number of migrants entered to the UK is 560,000 within the 12 months period till the March 2014, whereas an expected 316,000 individuals left.

Around 228,000 people were migrating to UK for the purpose of work, and 177,000 for education and a large number of individuals came to UK to accompany their family members. 

A total number of people migrating to UK from outside EU are raised up to 265,000, which is a record in the past three years.

The ONS report said that the rise in overall net immigration was "statistically important", which means that it is very probable to replicate real amendments in immigration patterns.
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