Netherlands Visa Creates Job Opportunities for International Students

February 27, 2019
Many students aiming to work in another country after completing their MBA have to reflect on visa regulations. In the present scenario where many countries get tough on immigration, the Netherlands is on the path of seeking top and skilled talent actively.

Netherlands Visa Creates Job Opportunities for International Students

An Attraction for International Students

Business schools, here attract several international students. Also, businesses receive incentives for recruiting overseas talent. Expatriate employees satisfying specific conditions do not have to pay tax on 30% of their earnings.  Moreover, another way for the government to attract skilled and talented people is through the Zoekjaar visa. This is actually the orientation year visa which is available to the master’s students who study in top 200 universities across the world. They can be in the general ranking list, or subject wise ranking lists. Moreover, the accepted Lists are:

• The Times Higher Education World University Rankings,

• The QS World University Rankings, and finally

• The Academic Ranking of World Universities

Career Opportunities

Additionally, students from the universities that qualify have three years after completing their graduation to seek the visa. The students who intend to return to the countries of their residence for fulfilling sponsorship/scholarship commitments can proceed before they take up any opportunity in the Netherlands.

Moreover, there is free access to the labor market of the country through the Zoekjaar visa. This means that the visa holders can live in the country, apply for an internship/job, and also take up a freelancing career. Also, they can start their own business for 12 months.  This visa has opened the doors for top skilled workers.  Professionals having this visa and a specific educational background, like engineering or IT, can find a job easily. Additionally, the Knowledge of French/German is beneficial, because Holland has a border with Belgium and Germany where there are frequent contacts with businesses and clients across the border.

Culture also Plays a Role

People love the culture of the country. Moreover, the visa is easy to apply for, when there is sound Preparation of the documents, undergraduate transcripts, and attestation documents. Several companies are open to hiring global talent. Furthermore, English is the language of communication in the majority of international offices. Finally, the students can convert their visa to a standard migrant visa or the EU spouse visa after the expiry of Zoekjaar visa.

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