New Australian visa will attract the finest and the brightest

December 08, 2015
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had planned a foreign recruitment campaign for encouraging international hi-tech entrepreneurs to visit Australia.

The innovation policy of the Australian Prime Minister includes the latest entrepreneur visa for motivating the finest and the brightest talent to come and work in Australia.

New Australian visa will attract the finest and the brightest

Under this latest policy, the government of Australia had planned to utilize their existing foreign network to further vigorously endorse the country as the world class destination for starting an innovative business.

According to the government policy, the Australian government also promised to further aggressively try to find out and motivate the talented people to visit Australia.

The visa will be made available for the individuals with some modern ideas and monetary backing from the third party.

This policy had also pledged easy route towards permanent residency for the post graduate researchers with the qualifications like subjects like engineering, mathematics, technology, science, communications and information.

From next year’s month of December, the graduates in the above fields will be offered additional points towards meeting the immigration needs and be permitted to reside to offer much-required skills for the local businesses.

Employment in the streams such as mathematics, science, technology and engineering has risen more rapidly than other job between the year 2006-2011 and the demand for the fields like communication, information and technology has been doubled between the years 1999-2012.

According to the Australian PM, Malcolm Turnbull, it would be open for us to do so in the wake of experience, but he said the more effective, high quality and productive, innovative entrepreneurs Australia could draw, the better, as they drive the jobs.

He also said that the entrepreneurs created employments as any other business would do. That is why the government of Australia was putting much effort for motivating latest businesses. 

Under this latest visa, any individual with an original idea who is victorious is getting the backing for the project from an approval investor to commercialize the concept can visit to Australia on the provisional visa. If the business plan was flourishing, the entrepreneur will be able to become a permanent resident of the country.

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