US embassy in Manila announces new visa processing fees for Filipinos

September 04, 2014
New visa processing fees for Filipinos applying for US immigrant visas

US Embassy in Manila has announced that Filipinos, who are filing their applications for US visas, have to pay consular fee in higher amounts with effect from 12 September 2014.

Fees for domestic evaluation of an Affidavit of Support and family-sponsored immigrants have increased. However, fees for all other immigrant and the special visa processing fees have decreased. 

The visa processing fees for K1 visa has increased from $240 to $265. While the fees for immediate relatives and applications for family preference have increased from $230 to $325.

However, applications based on employment and other visa applications with immigrant status have seen decrease in terms of visa processing fees.

The visa processing fees for returning resident status and two year waiver residency fees have decreased. While the fees for domestic review of Affidavit of Support has increased from $88 to $120.
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