New graphic cartoon novel by Australia against illegal immigrants

February 12, 2014
Australia against illegal immigrants
The Australian government has brought out a graphic cartoon novel in what clearly appears to be a  comprehensive campaign and plan by the country’s government to discourage and prevent asylum seekers, especially those arriving by boats into the country. The cartoon campaign depicts how someone seeking to enter Australia illegally faces difficulties and also depicts the bars (i.e. barricades) put up by the government authorities themselves to deter, stop and prevent illegal entry into the country. The cartoon campaign is in the form of a graphic novel. And, the novel seeks to display in detail the kind of harsh life that asylum seekers would face if ever they reach Australia.

The graphic novel is 18 pages long, is plain and clear and comprehensive and depicts the typical life of those seeking to enter the country illegally and who are detained at or near the borders of the country by the government’s authorities. It shows different types of scenes but all of them with a uniform theme that illegal migration to the country would not be tolerated or allowed and would be prevented. It also shows graphic scenes of detention centers of illegal migrants.

One image is of an Afghani boy seeking to enter illegally. Another image shows people suffering medical problems and depression in offshore detention centres. Yet another image shows an illustration of a small boat on the rough seas. Yet another image shows a map of Australia with a line struck through it with a slogan underneath it which says “No way. They will not make Australia home”. Some parts of this new campaign have been launched by the Department for Immigration and Border Protection website and on the Customs and Border Protection website, too. But, neither department is willing to comment on the graphic campaign material.

The campaign can of course be viewed as the government’s implementation of its agenda or policy program on immigration, which is a hard-line refugee policy program, but the opposition parties including some of the main opposition parties and the Green Party of Australia have criticized the government regarding it.
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