New Immigration Bill receives assent, becomes law

May 16, 2014
New Immigration bill gets approval, becomes law

According to an official press release of the government of UK, a new immigration bill was approved. The approved immigration bill, ‘Immigration Act, 2014’, outlines a number of reforms which are intended to make sure that the citizens of UK and legitimate immigrants are treated in a fair manner while those who are illegal migrants are treated appropriately and not leniently.
The Immigration Act, 2014 has 77 clauses and it makes major changes to how the country’s immigration system works. Thus, some of the highlights of the new ‘Act’ are that it will put a limitation on those aspects which attract illegal immigrants into the country, facilitates easier removal of those who have no right of residence in the country and also importantly ensures that the courts have respect for parliament’s views of what and where the public interest lies while taking into consideration Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights, in immigration cases.

In a statement, Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire said that the latest Immigration Act is a very important law which will better the presently existing laws to make sure that the immigration system performs well and effectively. He also added that the government is by now ready to implement the ‘Act’ and improve the functioning of the immigration system.

The new ‘Act’ will improve in a significant way how the departments of Border Force, Immigration Enforcement and UK Visas and Immigration work to protect the border, implement immigration rules and also ensures that the talented, gifted and the brightest enter the UK. There are also a lot many measures, rules, etc. in the ‘Act’ such as cutting down on the number of immigration decisions that can be appealed from 17 to 4 and similar and many such.
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