New Immigration Program Begins for Construction Workers in Toronto area

July 30, 2019
Canada has decided to provide a fresh pathway for permanent residence to benefit 500 such construction workers who are out-of-status in the Greater Toronto Area. 

New Immigration Program Begins for Construction Workers in Toronto area

The details of Construction Workers in Toronto:

The construction industry in GTA faces acute labor shortage and is heavily dependent on the underground labor market made up of out-of-status workers. Such workers arrive in Canada on the valid immigration status which has lapsed after sometime, which leaves them susceptible to exploitation.

IRCC is addressing this immigration in Toronto and will also issue Permanent Resident status to 500 out-of-status construction workers, including their families, through the new temporary program, administered in agreement with the Canadian Labor Congress.

Even when not having the status, the construction workers in Toronto successfully fill up labor shortages, and also make a great contribution to the society as well as the economy. There is a constant fear of detainment, detection, and deportation making these workers and their families go underground, thereby putting a limit to their access towards social programs. Moreover they become a victim of exploitation and abuse by the employer.

Norms of Eligibility:

All overseas nationals must meet the following eligibility criteria for the Canada Immigration Program:

• Entry in Canada as a temporary resident must be legal,

• Living in Canada continuously during the last five years

• Working in the Greater Toronto Area in the construction industry in the area of Toronto City, Halton and Durham Regions, Peel and York Regions; and accumulating three years construction work experience (full-time) in the last five years.

• CLB level 4 in English/French.

• Having the relatives like a family member that is Canadian Permanent Resident or citizen or, spouse, partner or child;

• Obtaining the referral letter under the signature of Canadian Labor Congress

• Not being inadmissible on any ground apart from overstaying in the temporary resident status and working unauthorized.

Major Occupations in Canada that are Eligible 

These occupations are eligible in the program:

• Major Group 72 Trades/Skilled Transport and Equipment Operators

• Major Group 73 maintenance and equipment operation trades

• NOC 7441 - residential installers, commercial installers and servicers

• NOC 7521 - heavy equipment operators (with the exception of cranes)

• NOC 7611 - construction trade helpers and construction trade laborers

How to Apply for New Immigration Program for Toronto:

The Canadian Labor Congress has a plan of opening the applications through the website on Sep 3, 2019. The selection of Applicants will happen on basis of the timing of arrival benefiting early arrivals, 

In case there are more than 500 people applicants, Persons with Children, spouse or partner in Canada, will get a priority 
IRCC will commence processing the applications as referred by the Canadian Labor Congress starting from Jan 2nd, 2020.

All Removal orders will have a stayed position for the persons approved through this program.

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