New Quebec Skilled Worker Declaration of Interest System commences on August 2nd

July 06, 2018

Quebec has made the announcement about  the new system for economic immigration. It comes into force from Aug 2nd, 2018. Additionally, on Aug 2nd, 2018, the higher investment requirements in QIIP will also come into effect.

New Quebec Skilled Worker Declaration of Interest System commences on August 2nd

The new policies were highlighted by David Heurtel, the Immigration Minister.  A Minister Order will follow the announcement. He stated  that the new system, having similarities with the federal Express Entry system, will make the process of immigration modern, efficient and effective. It will decrease the processing time for  applicants of immigration to less than 12 months. This change is also revolutionary and gives a priority to workers who fulfill the requirements of the labor market in Quebec.

Process of the New Quebec Declaration of Interest System

In the past the authorities in Quebec announced these details in the new system:

  1. Candidates will submit a declaration of interest to immigration authorities.

  2. The candidates with the top scores receive the invitation for applying to seek Quebec Selection Certificate.

  3. Candidates who receive the invitation submit the complete application to the immigration ministry in Quebec for the C.S.Q.

  4. After issuing the C.S.Q. candidates can submit the federal application.

New Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

There are new requirements  for investments in the QIIP which will come into force on Aug 2nd, 2018.

The new program also has an investment requirement of $1.2 million, which was $800,000 in the past. The net worth amount for qualifying will boost to $2 million, which was $1.6 million in the past.

New Requirements for the QIIP

  • The personal net worth of $2 million must have legal acquisition ;

  • The candidates must have two years of appropriate management/business experience in the five years earlier to the application;

  • The candidates must invest $1.2 million in the passive investment with a government guarantee for five years bearing. It will not carry any interest;

  • Finally, the candidates must have the Intention for settling in the Quebec province.

Quebec has independent control over its immigration system, and also has the power to fix annual immigration level.

Economic Immigration Targets For 2018 in Quebec




  • Economic immigration



  • Skilled worker



  • Business



  • Others



Since the summer of 2016 the immigration program has not accepted any new applications.  With the declaration of interest system in place, the province has a plan to welcome near 30,000 fresh skilled professional immigrants every year.

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