New system for confirmation of filing eligibility announced by USCIS

October 21, 2015
USCIS has announced a new system for confirming when the individuals might file the Adjustment of the Status applications every month.

Until now, the Department of State’s Visa Bulletin was containing only one set of dates for determining when can the individual will be eligible for filing the Adjustment of the Status or also known as the application for the US green card with the USCIS. The category was then titled as the Application Final Action Date. Once the priority date of the individual becomes current under Application Final Action Date, it means that the number of the green card was made available for individual. The individual is permitted to file the application for green card with the USCIS.

New system for confirmation of filing eligibility announced by USCIS

The latest revision made a second set of dates known as Filing Visa Applications Date. This allows the overseas nationals to file for the Adjustment of the Status Applications with the USCIS, before the availability of the green card number.

Now USCIS has confirmed that starting with the Visa Bulletin for the month of November 2015; the applicants would be eligible for utilizing the Filing Visa Applications Dates if USCIS confirms that there are more visas available for the year than the known applicants. USCIS will determine this every month by posting the chart on the website within a week after the publication of monthly Visa Bulletin made by the DOS. If USCIS didn’t provide any extra information during the given month, then the applicants should follow the Dates for Application Final Action for guidance on filing.

The DOS always releases the Visa Bulletin on the ninth day of every month. But because the USCIS is confirming the filing visa application dates within one week period of time after the announcement of the Visa Bulletin, the applicants should wait till the middle of every month for determining whether the applications for adjustment of the status should be filed during the coming month. As both the dates, the dates for filing the visa applications and dates for application final action keeps on changing every month. Applicants will get less time for gathering the documents that are required for preparing and filing the adjustment of the status applications every month.

And according to the latest announcement made by the USCIS, the applicants are eligible for filing the adjustment of the status applications from 1st November to 30th November pursuant to filing visa applications dates.

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