New Visa Scheme Set to Attract more Visitors from India

April 03, 2017

I bow to you, India.

The traditional greeting of Namaste would be sounded all throughout the nation of India as the country of Malaysia looks to have a scoop of the tourism industry with a quicker and less expensive permit acquisition program.

That comes as the tourism industry in India is estimated by the United nation’s body on global tourism exceed around 50 million external visits by 202.

The entire foreign value of the market is put at around $28bn, and it is projected to exceed that target. The program was made public during a trip by the prime minister of Malaysia, Seri Razak, to the nation of India.

The program is expected to charge tourists from the nation of India just $20 for their permit processing fee.

The permit would be valid for around two weeks. The permit itself is free for all Indians. News circulating in the media said the company handling the processing of electronic permits to the country had placed a charge of RM270 on every application aside from the RM108 charged by the governments of both nations, bringing the entire fee to around RM378.

The president of the body in charge of Malaysian travel and tour, Datuk Rahmat, disclosed that with the current permit scheme the country aims to accommodate around 1million Indian visitors in the country when compared to 722,141 visitors in the year 2015 and 638,578 visitors received in the year 2016.

A new report by a travel agent in India projected that the country could only be behind China in the sector of developing their business and travel department for the next two decades.

Datuk disclosed that the permit application process was one of the biggest hindrances faced by visitors from India hoping to visit the country.

He also made an example of visitors from the country of China where the statistics showed a rise in their numbers since Malaysia simplified the permit acquisition process. The nation received around 2million tourists from China the previous year.

This year, the country saw around 26 million visitors come into the country and an earning RM82bn. A fortnight ago, the minister in charge of tourism visits and culture, Datuk Aziz, disclosed that the current program would receive visitors from India and they would be liable to pay only $20 for a permit valid for around two weeks.

During a visit to the nation of India early February, he also disclosed that Malaysia was amongst the top ten tourism destination countries in the world.

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