New Work Rights For Foreign Students In New Zealand

October 14, 2013

New Work Rights For Foreign Students In New Zealand

Universities and schools considered "high quality" will enjoy major privileges, including the ability to offer prioritised visa processing to students. Under alterations aimed at attracting more international students to New Zealand, the Government announced yesterday it would also be made easier for foreign students to work while they study. Previous to now this has been either illegal or extremely difficult depending on which visa was allocated.

Full-time students will be allowed to work during all course breaks and doctoral and research masters students can find full time work in New Zealand. Those here to learn the  English language as a subject will also be able to seek part-time employment. Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment Minister Steven Joyce says the changes will make New Zealand much more appealing as a high class education destination.

The previous rules on Student Visas were very strict and it was necessary for your sponsor to provide full financial support for you during your stay and provide the proof of the ability to do this, with these changes it's an opportunity for those students without rich sponsors to apply to study here.

A student visa is granted in most cases, the requirements are you need to provide evidence of your course in a New Zealand recognised educational establishment, you need to be of good health and character and you need to provide evidence this is a temporary stay, things like a travel ticket or written confirmation from a travel agency to state your departure date.

With New Zealand recently rated number one in the world in a Global scientific study for education, the probability of students wanting to come here to benefit from our now famously strong system is bound to increase dramatically and we as a first class nation are always looking for ways to improve and expand our industries. Our country really does have it all, world class universities, high quality of life, vibrant cities, top class health care system and obviously our stunning natural scenery, and with the Government developing new community projects consistently such as low price housing schemes we can say with confidence we're a nation who embrace multiculturalism.
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