New Zealand ask for more information on its deported citizens from Australia

September 18, 2015
Citizens of New Zealand are facing deportation and visa cancellations after being held in Australian detention centres.

Any citizen who is facing a sentence for 12 months and anyone who is found without the Australian citizenship could be deported no matter if he/she is living for a longer period of time. As the Australian government is targeting gang members, sex offenders and murderers who are foreign born.

New Zealand seek more information of its citizens being deported from Australia

There are around 184 New Zealand citizens in the detention centres all around Australia. According to Peter Dutton, Minister for Australian Immigration.

There has been a whopping 660 percent increase in the number of visa cancellations and deportation when compared to previous year, as 406 visas were cancelled, and 95 people have been deported.

The government is concerned about the falling of net widely and that the people being sent back despite not having any connection with the birthplace.

Talks about this matter would be held between the ministers; meanwhile many practical steps have to be taken informed Ms Adams. She also said that Australia needs to provide fulsome and timely advice about when and who are being sent back. The officials are working on this matter. She added.

She was also concerned that it is going on continuously, and it is not concluding.  Despite setting up a register in the month of July, which have all the information of criminals that are being deported from Australia to New Zealand.

It has the list of people who are sent or who are about to be deported to New Zealand after they are found guilty any crime, spending time behind the bars or after their visa cancellations on the grounds of character.

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