New Zealand becomes most popular among foreigners

August 10, 2015
New Zealand is becoming more popular among the tourists coming to the country. Especially with the people from countries of the US and China, according to the figures provided by Statistics New Zealand.

According to the estimates New Zealand received 177,000 visitors in the month of June, which is about 9 percent increase compared to the previous year June month, and also total arrivals reached 2.99 million registering 7 percent increase from the last year.

New Zealand is attracting more number of foreigners

The three countries China, United States and Australia have contributed the biggest number of increase in arrivals for the month of June and the year, making the 61 percent of total arrivals for both the periods.

Also, those people who moved permanently to the New Zealand had a seasonal net gain of about 4,800 migrants in the month of June 2015. Said statistics manager, vina cullum.

Annual permanent migration and long-term migration shows that there is a net increase of 58,300 migrants in June 2015. Which is the total retention resulting from 115,700 total migrant arrivals and the 57,400 departures?

Among those migrants arrived to work and live in June 2015, a total of 24,100 were from Australia and 13,500 were from the United Kingdom. These two countries represent having the most number of work visas in New Zealand.

Indians represent most number having student visas with a total of 13,300 and followed by Chinese with 10,300 student visas.

Official data shows that life expectancy of the people in New Zealand has also increased adding this to appeal to people all over the world.

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