New Zealand Border Control

December 10, 2013
New Zealand Border Control - Visa Reporter News
New Zealand is an amazing country, it is easy to see why people from all over the world travel to this country and then decide they want to stay more permanently. New Zealand has so much to offer international citizens, from better career opportunities and education, also a better quality of live, with vast countryside and amazing beaches, the diversity of the country is also appealing to many people, as well as acceptance and religious believes. New Zealand has it all for many people.

New Zealand also have an externally and notoriously strict border and immigration control in place.  The system they adopt means that illegal immigration is very low and migration into New Zealand is monitored and checked. Requirements and criteria to gain a visa will always be tight and so if a visa is obtained you should  be in no doubt that you have met the criteria set out by the immigration department that issue them. Heavy penalties will be given to anyone who breeches New Zealand's border control rules. The rules are in place and are strict for many reasons, all of which lead to the overall protection of this wonderful land.

New Zealand is an isolated country and so to protect it's citizens and its land the border controls remain tight. The country is free from many pests and diseases and residents and authorities alike want the country to remain this way to protect the unique environment of New Zealand. Anyone entering the country of new Zealand must be fully aware of all the laws of the Immigration Systems so they can abide by them, as strict as they are, if a person does breech this it can be seen as a threat to New Zealand and at the very least a fine will be issued. The strictness of the laws is so New Zealand is not compromised. You are not allowed to enter New Zealand with so much as an apple in your hand luggage and will be fined if this happens. Respect the laws of New Zealand immigration and you will gain respect of the authorities.

A citizen travelling to New Zealand will have a passenger arrival card and must declare to the card what they have on them, fruit or food of any kind must be declared, as well as plants or parts of plants, seeds and straw must also be declared. Animals, sports equipment and herbal or traditional medicines must be declared. Once you have been to New Zealand and experienced its uniqueness you will understand the strict laws and why citizens and authorities are so eager to want to protect and preserve it.
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