New Zealand Crime Rates Low

December 12, 2013
New Zealand Crime Rates Low - Visa Reporter News
New Zealand is a relatively young country and is still finding its shape, the crime rate in New Zealand is extremely low. This is a brilliant attribute to have for any country, New Zealand are one of the lucky few which have this.

Reports that have recently been published show the the crime rate in New Zealand has now dropped again over the past year not that it was particularly high to start with.

Auckland saw the biggest drop in the last financial year, the crime rate in this state alone dropped by 17%. the police are thrilled with this outcome but do have a concern that although crime has dropped, public place assaults has increased. They will now draw up plans to understand why and bring this number down by next year. The police in Auckland have said they will be looking more closely at the activity and increasing number of these types of assaults, maybe a higher policing will deter assaults, this is something they will be looking into.

Another state that saw a rise in specific crime was Counties Manukau, overall the crime rate has fallen but unfortunately the number of sexual offences rose, this does not mean that more sexual offences have taken place than previous years, but with more people reporting them, the figures show more crime. In actual fact what has happened is the victims of the sexual assault now feel more secure in reporting the crime than in previous years. Trust in the police force will mean more crime is reported so that it can be dealt with, if people were under the impression the police force were lacking in experience and would not do anything even if a crime was reported, they wouldn't report it. These reports are now showing the citizens of New Zealand believe in the police force and will report a crime, any crime of any nature, if crime is not reported convictions can not be made. Justice will not been seen for victims in that case. But New Zealand have an excellent police force and a crime rate or lack there of that speaks for itself. Citizens of New Zealand as well as the police force itself and the government are very proud of this, and rightly so.

Having low crime in a country as big as New Zealand is amazing,which proves as a whole  they are working together for a better country and way of life.

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