New Zealand major visa application changes

December 04, 2013

New Zealand major visa application changes

New Zealand's immigration service of is about to go high tech with a brand new online service. This new modernised system will eventually mean an end to forms on paper being filled out. The online application system will also mean an end to manual processing and therefore will bring a much quicker, faster application process for immigration and a better experience on the whole. The service that will be brought to customers will undoubtedly be improved with these changes.

Immigration new Zealand have an aim, which is by 2015 the whole system will be updated and online processing of visa applications can be an online process. There will be some visas that will be able to be applied for fully online and completed all via the online service and then an applicant will know the decision of their application in a quicker time slot.  This will be an improvement on the current system. The online service will also allow an applicant to upload the pictures that are required and all evidence and documentations to support the application, such as identity documents and information. An online processing system will mean a much more efficient system with much easier monitoring abilities.

The immigration department want to make the documents that need sharing to important sources such as an education provider and advisers to immigration and the government. data protection will be a forefront of the system, and security will be high to protect all areas.

With a modern online service covering all areas of immigration including the border control. This is particularly important as it will mean a stronger border control will be in place, modern identity administration systems will be installed which will check all personnel details and allow quicker international file sharing to stop criminal behaviour and fraud.

Security and the sharing of such personal and sensitive information using an online system can concern a lot of people whose information will be stored within the computer system but there will be no need to worry, all information will be safely and securely stored on the system using state of the art security systems, immigration New Zealand are extremely confident with this system and the outcome by 2015 when it will be up and running in every area of immigration.

Certain areas of immigration in New Zealand are already using the online system, by 2014 applicants will be able to apply fully online, provided the visa they are applying for is one that is available online such as a student visa, other areas that will be using this system by 2014 will be the border control.

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