New Zealand migration boom hits record high

November 24, 2014
New Zealand annual immigration hits record-high

New Zealand annual migration hits all time record with an average gain of 5,200 individuals in October.

This new figure has exceeded the previous count of August with 4,800 members and 4,700 applicants in September and in February 2003. 

However, when compared to October 2013, the figure of individuals has increased to 6, 371 from 4,101,

The average population escalated in the month of October this year is 47,684, when compared to last year’s figure (17, 684).

The new statistics of New Zealand reveals that the net-gain in tourist count over the previous year was only because of increase in number of migrants and citizens arrivals to the country.

An overall increase in the population was led particularly by the student arrivals from India and Australia. And the fall in departures was due to decrease in departures count of New Zealand residents to Australia.
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