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November 22, 2013

Since 2002 the Construction industry in New Zealand has grown by some 10,000 firms reveals a new Government report however it still very much lacks the capacity to deal with the massive demand of the Christchurch rebuild and the Auckland housing boom.

Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce said that the industry was experiencing unprecedented growth, driven by the Christchurch rebuild and demand for housing in Auckland. He also pointed to new partnerships such as the accord signed between Government and the Auckland Council to build 39,000 affordable homes.

The construction industry questioned whether it had the capacity to deal with the massive workload of repairing leaky homes, rebuilding Christchurch and meeting housing demand in Auckland.

The reports reveal that there is a massive lack of tradespeople able to do all the jobs that will be required and that there may be no option but to look for overseas skilled workers to import. The Government has said they will provide training for apprenticeships for some 8,000 people but the industry on a whole is extremely dubious that this will have an effect. People are needed now, not after the time it takes to complete apprenticeships and then go on to gain qualifications.

There’s serious doubt that the works can actually go ahead without massively enhancing the construction workforce here in New Zealand and to do that there may be many more opportunities and options for skilled workers overseas to take, things such as prospective employers financing visa’s, cash incentives, high wages and low subsidised housing. The immigration authorities may even be a lot less strict on who will and won’t be accepted, it’s incorrect to give examples but the notion is that if you wouldn’t have been accepted before you stand a much better chance now.

Now really is an ideal time to seriously consider migration to New Zealand.  There are many temporary visas available which will give you the opportunity to form an educated opinion on whether this is the country for you. Or alternatively give you the chance to temporarily migrate and enjoy some of the wonderful experiences this fabulous country has to offer whilst earning a substantial wage at the same time! You would be best to apply for the following - Skilled Workers Visa or Working Holiday Visa which can be renewed if you so wish to extend your stay, they allow you to leave and return as much as you like within the given time period and they also can in some cases lead to permanent residency if you so desire.

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