New Zealand net migration over last year

February 01, 2014
New Zealand net migration over last year

New Zealand had its highest net gain of migrants in more than a decade!

Figures show that during a one month time period a staggering 2,40 foreign born people arrived in the country, this is the highest number since 2003. We had a net loss of of just over 3,500 of citizens who emigrated to Australia but this is significantly less than the 39,500 citizens who made the same choice twelve months previously. It is clear more people are wanting to stay in New Zealand, and travel into New Zealand and the statistics show this.

ASB economist Daniel Smith expects the increase of migrants from Australia to continue whilst the decrease of those leaving will also stay at the same level if not lower more. He says that this is due to the labour market improvements in New Zealand and the lack of jobs in Australia currently. It is expected that the labour market will remain extremely healthy here compared to those in Europe and Australia where it is predicted that the lack of growth there will drive more migrants overseas to places such as the thriving New Zealand.

The migrants who are coming here in the highest number are from the UK, China and India - as well as Australia.

Due to the rugby world cup, in part, a total of 191,100 visitors landed here last month, which is 20,000 more compared to last year during the same time. Chinese migrants last year were in the number of 14,000 compared to this years 21,200 visitors from China.

New Zealand is obviously becoming a much more appealing place to many migrants from all over the world. We are regularly in at number one for global polls and are now one of the most popular migration destinations on earth!

For permanent relocations we are also seeing a large increase in this with many Skilled Workers taking the many job positions that are on offer here that there is just not the native manpower to fill. Many start on Temporary Visas and never go home, once here they can apply for Permanent Residency and they never look back.

When you look at the figures in black and white the increase in migrants is phenomenal over the last twelve months, and with this set to rise will this mean that New Zealand will soon be the number one choice for all?

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