New Zealand - top place to be a woman

October 30, 2013

New Zealand - top place to be a woman

New Zealand is among the top 10 best places to be a woman, according to a worldwide report on gender equality. It ranked seventh out of 136 countries in the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Index 2013. New Zealand was at number one - equal with several European countries - for educational attainment, which included literacy rates and enrolment in primary, secondary and tertiary education. Our education system has been said to be leader of the world and tops global surveys on a regular basis. For political empowerment, New Zealand ranked 12th. That included a sub-heading on women in Parliament - where we ranked 25th - with 68 per cent of politicians male and 32 per cent women. The country was 15th under the economic participation and opportunity heading, which included labour force participation, wage equality, the balance of senior officials and managers as well as professional and technical workers. The survey backs up the notion that New Zealand is fastly becoming much more than a tourist destination. Topping or achieving very high ratings in almost every global study it can be said that New Zealand has been a hidden gem who often isn’t thought of in the same league as countries such as the USA and the UK who interestingly repeatedly have lower scores than New Zealand. To be a woman in New Zealand in the year 2013 is better than it ever has been before. You will have a world class education under your belt, partake in an award winning health system and have more job opportunities, business choices and educational courses available than there’s ever been. This combined with low cost quality housing, under the new Government's policy, offers you a quality of life higher than that anywhere in the world. New Zealand's government is offering out a decent future to anyone who is wanting one, like never before, with things like business loans easier to get here than in most other countries there’s much opportunity for a person to better themselves with little risk. Affordable housing is becoming the normal in most New Zealand states with priority buying being offered to low wage earners and first time buyers. There are many doors open to New Zealand's women that never were before, today over 30% of the native government is made up of female members of parliament and this is likely to only get higher. Decades ago to have a single female mp would have been laughable to many where as now not only is it expected it is at a higher number than many other country. Equality has always been said to be the future, and now it has happened to such a grand scale the facts and figures speak for themselves.

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