New Zealand Visa Application soon to be Online

January 21, 2014
New Zealand Visa Application soon to be Online

The immigration Global management system or GMS is running on time to be completed by the end of 2015. Immigration New Zealand started the setting up of the GMS in 2011, this project will support the immigration services online system. They will allow most of the visa applications processing to be done digitally, from the very beginning to the final outcome. The hope is to eradicate any backlog they can sometimes occur from the applying stage and through the processing stage. More information will be available to intended applicants and individuals who have already put forward an application.

The new system that has been set up will allow information to be shared much more easily and in an effective streamlined manner. Education providers, government agencies as well as licensed immigration advisors will be able to share information with each other via the online immigration system.

Once the new online system is up and running to its full expectations it will strengthen security at the borders of New Zealand, the modern up-to-date system will hold so much information using biometrics, strong intelligence as well as risk management tools. International date sharing will also be strengthening with the new system and so criminality and immigration fraud will also be shared in the system. It is a giant step forward in immigration. The future for applications and everything else that goes hand in hand with immigration.

The system will be accessible by applicants, they will require login details, they will only be issued the login details once access is granted, the government will then determine what the user can both see and do while logged into the system.

Immigration New Zealand has a vision, a vision of what they want to see in the future for their country and for the immigration system itself. Once the system is up and running then the true potential of such a high tech system will be seen. A system such as this is ultra modern, the system will allow everything to do with immigration in New Zealand run much more smoothly, a more organised system with information available in vast quantities. New Zealand will soon be at the forefront of immigration. The country is very pleased with their new system and so they should be. Other countries across the world are now extremely behind with their immigration system now.

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