New Zealand Wildlife Experiences Totally Unique

November 11, 2013
New Zealand was the last country to be populated by man, meaning it’s nature had much more time to grow than elsewhere and it’s animals more opportunity to evolve, breed and develop. There is no where else in the entire world where within the space of a single day you can explore ancient forests, mountain vistas, stunning coastlines and volcanic landscapes spotting beautiful and exotic wildlife that are found nowhere else on this planet. 

New Zealand is home to Kaikoura which is on the East Coast of the South Island and is one of the only places on earth where you can easily see sperm whales in a natural habitat. The thing on many people's ‘bucket lists’ is to swim with dolphins, it’s an adventure most of the worlds population can only dream of or watch on the television, here it is available to do almost daily with many dolphin watching and swimming tours to see and swim with the gentle bottle nosed dolphin, the smaller ‘dusky dolphin’ and the Hector’s dolphin, which one of the world’s smallest and rarest dolphins found only in New Zealand waters. The cruise operators take extraordinary care to make sure that the dolphins are never harmed and many people say that it is the best experience they have ever had, one they have encountered them, either by swimming or diving, and got to spend time with them, they leave entranced, enthralled and, yes, humbled and very privileged to have had this incredible encounter.

Of all New Zealands species of animal the Korora penguin, known as the little blue penguin, is the world's smallest penguin and found in many harbours and beaches during the dusk hours as they come ashore, an incredible sight/ The Fiordland Crested Penguin is one of the worlds rarest and a beautiful sight, they live in the rainforests of New Zealand and produce many opportunity for the avid bird watcher to take that photograph of a lifetime. 

Travelling by horse is the most incredible way to truly explore New Zealand at it’s best, from riding through enchanting forests, passed snow capped volcanoes and beautiful beaches which stretch as far as the eye can see. There’s a huge range of horse riding tours on offer all over New Zealand with many different packages available. A truly romantic experience is to opt for an overnight package, where you get the horse and camping equipment to whisk your loved one away and bed down by a campfire watching the sunset, perfect. 
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