New Zealander's No.1 Sportswoman non National!

October 28, 2013

New Zealander's No.1 Sportswoman non National!

A 16 year old golfing prodigy has excited and pleased people across New Zealand, the sportswoman is ranked 4th in the world and is one of New Zealand's greatest sporting stories, what makes this news is the fact the 16 year old is actually an Asian Immigrant. Lydia Ko has in equal measure captivated and enthralled natives across the country. 

This is certainly not someone who doesn’t want to mix with other New Zealanders or embrace their culture. Comparisons have been made to Michelle Wie who started her career at a similar age, following the same route and resulted in failing to win a major. Warnings were giving to Lydia Ko but she indicated that she intends to continue with her studies. Her balanced approach gives reassurance that she won’t be over burdened with sponsorship demands and agent recruiting. She can more than afford to keep those demands to a reasonable level and clearly for someone so young has her head well and truly screwed on. 

During her, very short and amatuer career which hasn’t comprised of many tournaments she passed up well over one million dollars in potential earnings. That, and much more, is now hers to win. Ko's current ranking of fourth in the world is better than that of any other golfer from this country. Already, she is one of New Zealand's great sporting stories.

New Zealand has attracted migrants from all over the world for centuries and we are renowned to be very welcoming and help migrants to integrate with natives in a relaxing and unpressurised way. To have our number one golfer as not only a 16 year old girl but also a non resident migrant goes to show just how supportive our country is of other nationalities and this is set to never change. 

Lydia Ko announced her step into professional gold via a video, this is the first of it's kind with sportsmen usually opting for presentations or press conferences but this was the brainchild of Auckland production/advertising agency Augusto, which wanted to capture Ko's personality in a way that would have been impossible were her announcement made more traditionally at a press conference.

After the protagonists tweeted in co-ordination the final product, the video has been viewed 40,000 times on YouTube and by hundreds of thousands more having featured on the like of USA Today and the Golf Channel. Ko was thrilled with the outcome and found the response on social media to be "crazy".
The Asian sportswoman has the backing and support of New Zealand golfing fans all over the country who are not only in awe of her but hoping she will do the country she chose proud in the golfing tournaments.
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