New Zealanders step up to help their own

November 18, 2013

A New Zealand mother got herself in the position to feel she had to steal food to feed her children has had her faith in humanity restored.

The mother of three was seen by the reporter stealing food from a supermarket after declaring she was left with $45 a week to spend on food bills. New Zealanders and people around the world have been alerted to this case since it went viral on social media and the majority of people have been extremely supportive though the lady in question has received much criticism for allowing her situation to get to this stage. New Zealand is not a 3rd world country and there’s so much help on offer for those who are struggling such as state benefits, advice services and many charities and agencies who can advise and guide people through difficult financial situations the sad fact is that people sometimes are not only aware of these groups but they have a sense of pride to take care of themselves and don’t wish to turn to an aid service.

Emails, letters and phone calls have been received from all over the world but predominantly from residents of the ladies country, New Zealanders with offers of help for the lady.

A local small business owner called Lisa wants to deliver a Christmas hamper to the family, she says "I cannot imagine ever feeling so alone, it is so sad this woman didn’t turn to anyone to help because now people know everybody wishes to help her... I want to help this family have Christmas."

Another email, from former Kiwi Chris Wingate, who now lives in Australia, said he would be willing to put money into a supermarket account to help the needy.

Meanwhile, the woman in question who wishes to remain nameless wept when she heard of the offers "This is just so overwhelming. I didn't know people cared so much. They have restored my faith in human nature. I felt so alone before but now I know people in my country really do care what is going on. This is so special ... I am so grateful’’

There have been numerous food parcels had been left on agencies doorsteps in recent days to help struggling families and it is great to see the community rallying to help. What is needed more is for people in our country to realise they never have to be desperate, there is so much help available and we have world leading systems in the form of Health care and Education with our country listed as the no.1 place to live numerous times in many global studies
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