Nigeria is going to initiate visa-free pact with eight African nations

May 26, 2016
To increase the economic growth by the help of bilateral relationship the Nigeria is going to introduce a visa-free pact with eight African countries.  The foreign affairs minister Mr. Geoffrey Onyeama had told about this in a press meet at Abuja. He expected that this initiation will be promoting the economic partnership.

Nigeria is going to initiate visa-free pact with eight African nations

Onyeama has declared it at a press conference in the presence of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration at Abuja. He projected that this proposal will upsurge the financial condition of the country.

He denoted that Africa is the major attraction for themselves for trade and commerce without the proper visa it is impossible to enter into an African nation. But this immigration reformation will be a helpful approach for his concern.

He estimated the visa-free movement for the business individual will definitely improve the bilateral trade and commerce relationship. Initially, this proposal will start with eight nations of Africa. Gradually other countries can join in.

He added, “If we can attain that in 1 year, then new nations will join. We consider this is a superior way to go than institutional ECOWAS etc, as nations take so long to ratify agreements.” 

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