No change in family sponsorship minimum amount fee affirm officials

May 07, 2014

Officials across the emirates confirm that there has been no change in fee rules for family sponsors

Amid reports that there have been changes in the fee for expatriates in applying for family sponsorship, it emerges that there have been no official changes to the rules regarding the residence visa procedures (more specifically, the applicable salary for the sponsor), at all.Thus, news reporters who queried immigration officials across the Emirates regarding this matter of supposed/reported changes in the visa news were told by the officials that nothing (i.e. no rule) has changed regarding this matter. 

Information on the relevant web sites, pertaining to the eligibility requirement for the salary to be earned was also unchanged and the same as before. 

Thus according to the prevailing rules, the applicable minimum salary is Dh 3,000 per month with accommodation, or Dh 4,000 per month. An official of one of the emirates’ immigration department revealed that a matter/rule concerning the minimum salary is a ‘federal rule and not a local law’ and hence this rule regarding a minimum salary,  if at all if it is changed needs to be approved at the federal level. 

In Dubai itself, new applications for family sponsorship were being accepted as before without any change in the rule pertaining to the minimum salary threshold. This concurs rightly/well with what the highest official of Dubai’s GDRFA (General Directorate for Residency and Foreigner Affairs) had said last week. 

He had said that any/all news of a hike in salary thresholds to bring in family members in Dubai through sponsorship are/were wrong/inaccurate.Also,as a sort of confirmation, there was no change on the official web site of the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA) as regards the pertinent rule. 

Also,there were no reports at all of any change as regards any/the (list of)other requirements/documents.
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