No change of treaty and no border control in the demands by the government for EU

October 13, 2015
After waiting for months, the government of Britain has revealed its demands in attempting for renegotiating the EU membership of Britain and euroseptics are not likely to be happy.

The government is having four key necessities like a clear statement that Britain would not be a part of superstate of Europe. A clear statement that the other than the Euro currency is welcome in the EU and that euro is not the official currency. The system of red card that will give parliaments, repealing rights for existing law of EU. Innovative structure for EU for preventing 9 members of euro zone from getting dominated by the others.

No change of treaty and no border control in the demands by the government for EU

It is believed that the above list points are best they can likely to achieve however many of them will get disappointed.

It is not mentioned, for example issue of curbing the free movement rules of the EU, when the immigration is a main concern for the voters. 

Although Britain is not Schengen area part, where border checking are eliminated completely, other EU states citizens can travel and work in the UK with any visa restrictions. It has led to massive increase in immigration from poorer states of Eastern Europe.

The pathetic demands would likely boost the campaign of leave, who can say that Britain would be unable to negotiate the accurate reform while it stays in the European Union.

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