No more visa for foreigners with Kenyan resident or work permits to travel Rwanda, Uganda

March 09, 2015
No visa to travel Rwanda, Uganda for certain foreigners residing in Kenya

Here’s good news for overseas nationals residing in Kenya. Now, foreign nationals with valid resident or work permits can travel to Uganda and Rwanda without applying for a entry visa.

Apparently, a free interstate pass will be granted for foreigners who are residing when they leave the country and it is also applicable to overseas nationals in Uganda and Rwanda who plans to enter Kenya.

The Coordinator of the East African Tourism Platform, Waturi Matu stated that overseas nationals are being granted a free Interstate passes at the departure airport to enter the country. Both Uganda and Rwanda have executed this amendment on 15 Dec 2014.

Sources stated that Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda reached an agreement previous year that permits Rwandans and Kenyans to utilize their ID cards to travel to three states and voter cards for Ugandans and student cards for minors of Rwanda serves as a valid travel document.

Presumably, the expansion of this privilege to overseas residents is aimed at boosting the government’s efforts to encourage free-movement of people, services and goods between their nations.

Reportedly, the simplification of traveling between regions is in tune with the vision of President Uhuru Kenyatta's Pan Africanist. He stressed that any individual with a valid passport from Africa can easily get a visa to Kenya on arrival for a six-month visit purpose.

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