No Visa Needed for Russia

April 01, 2017

The governments of both South Africa and Russia have implemented a permit free travel for nationals in the country in memory of their 25-year celebration of their bilateral relationship.


The new scheme has been put in place between the two countries on a mutual consent to turn away free grants of permits, thereby making the process simpler for Sojourners. The country of Russia would host the FIFA world cup in 20118. Ambassador of Russia to South Africa disclosed that a lot of effort had been dispensed by the appropriate authorities of both nations to make the process come to life.


“In an address, the government of Russia said submitted to the South African government proposals for a permit free journey between both nations for nationals who have a valid international passport and have no thoughts of living, working or studying in the other nation’s borders.”


“We hope that with a collaborative effort on either side, we would be able to implement this awesome scheme for the benefits of both nations,” he said. He also said that nationals from either nation could come into the country, reside and even travel within each other’s borders without the need for a permit from either nation for a period of three months.


“The country of South Africa has always been our close partner for a long time now, and we are glad to be making this relationship even stronger. The move to put in place a permit free travel, I believe, would be crucial in strengthening our bond for years to come and increase our collective growth,” the ambassador said. He also said that the free travel permit would enable sojourners to enjoy the rich things the country has to offer during the world cup.


A spokesperson for the ministry of internal affairs in South Africa said: “The minister has acknowledged the move as he admits it would further bolster the inflow of tourists into the nation and other huge benefits between the two countries.


He believes this move will further make our bilateral relationship stronger.” He said the ministry has already put in place stringent steps to protect its population records and issuance of passports.


“The current permit laws would also enable more Russians to come into the country of South Africa.


That is more prime to happen if we put in place the nuclear deal with the Russians and the deal is initiated.”

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