Nova Scotia Issues 312 Letters of Interest to Benefit Childhood Educators

June 07, 2019
The immigration authorities of Nova Scotia have issued 312 Letters of Interest to candidates belonging to the Labor Market Priorities Stream in the recent provincial draw. The draw also specifically targeted NOC 4214 to select early childhood educators as well as assistants. A Program spokesperson stated that they issued letters of interest to such candidates who had sufficient work experience.

Nova Scotia Issues 312 Letters of Interest to Benefit Childhood Educators

The Requirement for Candidates was the submission of an Express Entry profile on/after August 8th, 2018 for qualifying in the draw.

The Invited persons had to provide:

• Evidence of early childhood educator education (post-secondary) to cater to children between 0 and 8 years.

• Proof of completing a two-year program at a university/ college, trade or technical school and finally

• Employers Reference letters proving five years of experience in that field.

The Reference Letters must be:

• Written on company letterhead.

• Signed by the dependable Human Resources Officer, Supervisor/Manager and finally

• It has to illustrate telephone number, full address, and e-mail/website address of a company and carry the official seal of the company

It must have this set of information in a single document:

• The specific period of employment with the company,

• The positions held during that employment period and the time in each position,

• Main responsibilities/duties in all positions,

• Annual salary and benefits in all positions,

• The hours of work per week and its total, and finally

• Proof of work experience meeting the lead statement and its NOC description.

The Requirements for NLMP Candidates are that they must:

• Get a Letter of Interest from the Nova Scotia Nominee Program in the EE system,

• Meet the requirements of work experience of the stream for which they qualify,

• Show sufficient funds to establish self and family successfully in Nova Scotia and for paying associated costs and expenses,

• The legal status in the present residential country, and finally

• Meeting of eligibility criteria while they receive the Letter of Interest.

Furthermore, this was the fourth draw in the Labor Market Priorities stream as well as the second for targeting early childhood educators launched in August 2018.  There were Draws for attracting financial auditors and accountants in NOC 1111 and for French language skilled candidates having CLB 7 or more.

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