NZ Earnings on the UP

October 08, 2013

NZ Earnings on the UP

It has been spoken of with pride by 'Statistics New Zealand' that wage and salary earners' incomes rose 4.8 per cent in the last 12 months, this is a huge increase with the highest end of the rises going to the over 40's a recent study states. This is due to the younger population studying for longer periods of time than previous generations it is thought. People over the age of 50 are also working longer than previous generations and putting more hours into a working week.

Putting it into figures, people are earning on average $38 per week more (4.8%) than they were this time last year. Over the year that is an extra $456 which is a huge amount to be gaining.

'Statistics New Zealand' have thoroughly researched this before releasing the facts and figures and by going into much detail they have revealed that to maximise the statistical odds for earning the highest income it is best to be a male, European, university graduate aged between 45 and 49 and also working in Wellington. For households, median income from all sources rose 4.1 per cent from June last year to $1358 a week. The average income increased 3.3 per cent to $1550. For households consisting of one parent and dependants the median income was $640, $48 more than last year. What a difference that combined over the year will make to a single parent. The new statistics should give us as New Zealanders a great sense of pride that natives in all aspects of the working spectrum are benefiting so greatly, this can only help to build our already growing reputation in the westernized world.

he average income for all people from all sources - wages and salaries, self-employment, government transfers, investment income and superannuation - is $737 a week, up $16 on a year ago. This puts to bed claims made by the FIRST Union general secretary Robert Reid who said working families were still struggling with high living costs and low incomes. With results showing that in every single category New Zealanders fit into they will undoubtedly be receiving a higher income than this time twelve months ago, whether significant or not every little is sure to help in our current world, New Zealand’s recession of 2008 took some getting over but we believe these new statistics go to show just how far we've come as a nation and that's something to be proud of.

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