NZ Paid Paternal leave even for immigrants.

October 11, 2013
NZ Paid Paternal leave even for immigrants.

It is proposed, by MP David Cunliffe, to trade unionists yesterday that the Labour Government expects to have paid paternal leave extended from the now 14 weeks to 26 weeks. Mr Cunliffe said in his first big speech since gaining leadership. Mr Cunliffe said extension of paid parental leave was earmarked for the first term of a Labour government.

Mr Cunliffe, who received strong support from unions during the leadership contest, underlined the commitments he made while campaigning for the job. That included raising the minimum wage immediately to $15 an hour and supporting the "living wage" campaign, leading by example to put in place for all core state sector employees. "Based on the preliminary costings we've done we think that's affordable." This comes at the perfect time along side the Governments affordable housing schemes, which have under development 6000 'affordable' homes being built for citizens across New Zealand. 

An extra 12 weeks, with full pay, to spend with your new born child is thought to be extremely beneficial in creating that life time bond with your child. Many parents have to go back to work as soon as is feasible but now with the changes coming into play proposing they have 6 months leave with pay this will be a dream come true to many New Zealanders. This is a giant step in the social development and will hopefully lead the rest of the world. After the excruciating pain and trauma a woman's body goes through to deliver a child she needs to rest in order to be physically and mentally well, with night feeds and working husband this isn't usually an option but now it will be, as well as being of huge benefit to the father / child bond, the mother also benefits greatly by having time to recover, not having the money worries of unpaid leave and spending time with her new families, these days will never come again and to enjoy them to there fullest is now feasible. 

Pledging to "scrap National's unfair labour law changes in the first 100 days" of office, he took aim at National's "fire at will" 90-day trial period for workers, youth rates, its "attacks on collective bargaining" and legislation "taking away smoking and lunch breaks". "The Labour Government I lead will turn back the tide of anti-worker legislation that has been flowing like a river from the Key Government for the last five years. We will be a true red Labour party, not a pale blue one."
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