NZ population doubled due to migration

January 11, 2014

NZ population doubled due to migration

The population of New Zealand is ageing, like any nation people get old and so their citizens become older but when a country has a low birth rate compared to the amount of people living there and ageing, will mean that the population of the country will be predominantly elderly.

Immigration is high in New Zealand, although a fairly new country compared with some around the world, New Zealand has always seen a high number of migrants enter their country. In April 2003 the population of New Zealand was over four million. Back in 1952 the population was two million so between 1952 and 2003 the population doubled. The population does continue to grow in new Zealand by both the birth rate and the influx of immigrants.

In 2002 the gain to the population form migrants alone was almost forty thousand, the numbers do vary from year to year, some years the immigration number is lower than the previous year but on the whole migration to New Zealand is high.

The population in New Zealand is generally ageing even with immigration and women giving birth. This is due to the baby boom in New Zealand after world war two along with the influx of migration around the same time and these migrants starting a family. The children that were born to the migrant families then are the population of New Zealand today, considering the war ended in 1945 and this saw the baby boom the babies are now around seventy years old, many have children and grandchildren. These grandchildren are the 2nd generation of the migrants from 1945.

The majority of the population of New Zealand were born overseas, one in five people who live in New Zealand were not born there, where the majority used to be from Europe now it is changing and New Zealand see many migrants from Africa, the middle east and Asia. Although some of the migrants do have babies once they are in the country the birth rate of New Zealand is still low and the countries population is more of a ageing one. Studies that have been carried out have proven this to be the case. Around the world a pattern is emerging that many people are putting off having babies until they are more financially secure and New Zealand the dame is occurring. The problem lies when people leave it too late. A rise in childless couples is now apparent.

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