Obama administration seeks to sidestep federal court order for allowing work permits

November 04, 2015
The latest memo which was leaked from the DHS has revealed that the Obama administration seeks to sidestep the federal court order that had suspended the portions of initiatives based on the amnesty of the president  which is also known as DAPA and the DACA.

This retreat was organized for discussing the options related to the work permits for the illegals known as Documents for Employment Authorization (EADs). The memo while recording these discussions had revealed that the administration has no intentions for waiting Court determines constitutionality of the President’s efforts for nullifying the immigration law. Rather, they had been preparing to even out more of the four plans aiming to provide EADs to the millions of illegal migrants.

Obama administration seeks to sidestep federal court order for allowing work permits

It was stated in the memo that the 1st option will grant the EAD to all the people who are residing in US, including the visa overstayers, illegal migrants, and the H-1B overseas workers. The 4th option is providing the EADs to people on unexpired nonimmigrant visas which directly violates the rule under the Act of Immigration and Nationality. 

Many people who get benefited from these opportunities is irritating. The 1st option will address the requirement of some of the population like anyone who is available in the country who is prohibited from getting an EAD till now. Now this definition is applied to almost 4.3 million people who are covered by the DAPA and the extended DACA programs. Inspite of the reality that the benefits from these programs were stopped by the Hanen decision.  

Additionally, the plan of the DHS will provide EAD to the individuals with the temporary non immigrant job visas such as H-1B visa holders  whose authorization of work are tied with their employers. Along with the more 5 to 6 million illegal migrants yet to be inserted in any part of deferred actions amnesty agenda by Obama. The DHS is challenging that it can separate the work authorization needs contained in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of the year 1986 from the rest of the US visa acts. While it cannot ignore the legal needs with regard to issue of visas, the president’s administration insisted that it is having the flexible powers that shall shock any American citizen who believe in the rule of law.

Obama and his followers are contending that they have the power to grant a work permit to any individual who is currently residing in the US, regardless of any status.

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