Obama finding out ways to increased foreign workers for US technology companies

September 23, 2015
In another step of providing American benefits to the overseas workers, President Obama and its administration has started reinterpreting the existing laws of immigration, with its main aim to shaft out more cheap overseas labour to the US technological companies.  As these companies have worked hard to get the favor.

US President finding out ways to get increased foreign workers to US technology companies

The move have came out in the middle of the ongoing relationship of controversy between the governments and the technology sector, which is having the plan to lock the US workers who are abundant,  favoring cheaper foreign substitute who can enter the country on the work visa of H-1B visas.

L-1B visa is the new visa in the town for the administration of Obama. Although, L-1B is not at all new for the Obama administration. But the Obama’s decision to changing the L-1B visa is a complete innovation. The President’s administration is necessarily rephrasing the law of immigration without changing the words. Simply telling to everyone that we are going to change the law much more different and new ways.

The new way is going to favor the technology giants. Already there is sharp criticism coming from academics of small segments who are insisting that there is no shortage of American skilled workers for these types of jobs, the technology sector is going to cut down the overseas labor from the two workers categories which are H-1B and L-1B visas instead of one.

Foreign workers who come on L-1B visa are temporary workers with the designated “specialized knowledge”, usually in IT industry sector.

But these L-1B visas are not going to open the doors for overseas labour. The law was designed to do its opposite.

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