Obama regulation to provide work permits to overseas college graduates

December 31, 2015
As the country prepares to step into the New Year, the US President Barack Obama is preparing the vast latest executive action that can provide job permits for many overseas graduates each year.

The US Homeland Security Department proposes to issue the proposed regulation today, on the last day of this year 2015.

Obama regulation to provide work permits to overseas college graduates

The 181-page regulation focuses on offering work permits to the overseas college graduates who would compete against the US for the jobs. The regulation would also make every overseas graduate much cheaper for the employers oft hues to recruit than many US-born college graduates.

The yearly award of the US green cards,  and the important introductory work permits is restricted by the quotas that mostly affect many graduates from India and China who visit the US as the guest workers or students and then started doing job in the US on the OPT and H-1B programs.

Around 6,50,000 international students are doing job in the US for five years each under H-1B program. And around 1,20,000 international students of the US colleges are doing job in the US for two years each via the OPT program. Without this new rule, many overseas graduates would get back to their homes after many years, forcing the firms to recruit the US graduates in their place.

The international graduates get the entry level jobs that will otherwise go to the latest US business graduates, designers, doctors, engineers, programmers and scientists. Also the international graduates are used to replace US professionals once they look for the rise in the income in the middle of their career to assist pay for their mortgages and child education.

The latest policy also creates a big financial incentive for the employers of the US to recruit international college graduates instead of latest US college graduates.

That’s due to the policy would permit the employers of the US to recruit international college graduates at very less salaries.  The international graduates would gladly take those less income jobs because the latest policy permits them to get deferred payments from the federal government. The precious permanent job permits that are the initial steps on the golden route to the US Green card and citizenship.

In opposite, the employers cannot pay the US graduates with this combination of fewer salaries plus the federal promise of citizenship, as the Americans already had citizenship.

This means that the employers should pay additional money to recruit the US college graduates than they will to recruit international college graduates. Now this will put up the biggest disadvantage on the US graduates as they require high incomes to pay their costly US college debts.

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