Obama's DHS is planning to give away work permits to overseas professionals

November 05, 2015
US Department of Homeland Security has officially disowned the agency’s memo of June month which recommended the employers of the US will be allowed to hire legal overseas visitor and overseas graduates and to bench the job seeking American citizen who reached to young adulthood around the year 2000.

According to the acting Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs of the Department, Todd Breasseale, the officials from the agency are making a rule on the same topic. He also added that the rules they are working on involves the  overseas workers with high skills who are legally present, without explaining how the developing rule and the memo of June month are any different.

Obama's DHS is planning to give away work permits to overseas professionals

The option two in the June month of DHS memo recommends that the employers would be allowed to employ  around three million overseas white and blue collar workers that are now residing in the US. 

In those total three million it also includes around 1.5 million overseas college graduates which is equal to 1.8 million US citizens who would graduate from colleges every year. Furthermore, another million guest workers and overseas college students yearly arrives in the US. If Obama approve the June month memo or similar rule, then all will be able to get work permits.

Breasseale told that the pending rule and the June month plan are different.

The administration has used the regulatory process for distributing the work permits for increasing the inflow of the overseas migrants both white and blue collar.

In February 2014,  Obama decides to grant work permits to wives of around 65,000 H1-B workers who are residing in the US.

In the month of November, 2014, Obama declared that he will provide work permits to more four million illegals via DAPA or DACA.

In this year, Obama deputies have also declared that they will give long term work permits to thousands of overseas students via OPT foreign worker program.

Breasseale’s defensive criticism of memo is linked to administration’s legal defense in the court case of Texas that has frozen the Obama’s November 2014 amnesty.

He said that the administration did not intend to mess with the review of court of November month amnesty.

The judge summoned the DBS Secretary Jeh Johnson to his court after discovered that he had been misleaded by the lawyers of Obama. The Texas judge has frozen the amnesty of Obama, lawyers have appealed the injunction and the court judgment is expected sooner. Many of them expects that the court will uphold the injunction that block the Obama’s November month amnesty.

Breasseale said that if that had been not blocked, the amnesty will have provided work permits to around five million illegal migrants that include many graduates and young migrants.

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