Office for National Statistics Scotland released Lanarkshire immigration figures

December 02, 2014
National Statistics Scotland released the Lanarkshire immigration figures

As per the new National Statistics of Scotland, about 2000 migrants got settled down in Lanarkshire. In the 2011 census investigation it was found that around 1161 overseas nationals transferred to South Lanarkshire from foreign countries.

And after coming to the North Lanarkshire, around 886 migrants immigrated from abroad. Previously the population of South Lanarkshire was 313900, and with the arrival of more migrants, the figure has increased to about 3.7 migrants for 1000 people. When compared to other nations who came to South Lanarkshire, the count of Indians is more.

Earlier, the population of North Lanarkshire was 337,720 and now, with the arrival of 886 individuals, the population has grown to 2.6 migrants for 1000 people. Poland citizens are more in number in North Lanarkshire when compared to other nations.

Count of individuals who came from other nations to South Lanarkshire are United China (32), France (48), Russia (11),New Zealand (28), Romania (11), Cyprus (12),  Arab Emirates (30), Ireland (43), ), Italy (17),  Latvia (13), Germany (67), Malawi (10), Australia (98), Hungary (10)  South Africa (13), Spain (62), Poland (78), Greece (25),  Libya (34), USA (77), Pakistan (20), Netherlands (15), Singapore (22) and Canada (52).

On an average around 89 nations across the globe made South Lanarkshire as their centre of livelihood this year. And meanwhile, Scotland was declared as the major capital for the United Kingdom. Amongst  UK’s biggest four countries, Scotland has attained the most number of migrant figures when compared to others.

The next highest count was attained by England with a figure of 11.3 for 1000 inhabitants. On an average, it was estimated that 45,968 individuals migrated from India, followed by Americans with a figure of 40,293.
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