One in three doctors in the UK are born overseas

December 28, 2015
As per the report from the foreign research reveals that Britain depends more on overseas doctors than any other EU country, foreign research shows. Over a third of NHS doctors, around 35% were born overseas.

The statistics put the UK ahead of every other nation in the EU. As per the reports, the UK is also one of the largest exporters of doctors.

One in three doctors in the UK are born overseas

Critics have said that the UK had spent many billion on training for doctors who goes abroad, but depends on foreign labor to fill the gaps left. The report also reveals that the UK is also the most reliant nation on overseas nurses. 

Entirely, 21.7% of the nurses were born overseas, sharp surge from the decade previous when statistics was only 15.2%. Around the EU, Luxembourg, Estonia, Ireland and many more reliant on nurses from abroad.  The report also reveals that the UK had witnessed the largest increase in overseas born doctor numbers with around 34,000 additional doctors visiting the UK from overseas.

The report also finds out that 40% of the increase in doctors and 65% of nurses could be attributed to the import of overseas employees. Around 35.4% of doctors working in the UK were born abroad when compared to 5% in Italy, 10.7% in Germany,  19.5% in France.

In the latest study it was found that the hospitals with large proportion of overseas nurses have the large level of dissatisfaction from the patient. 

As per the study, India and Philippines were the biggest exporters of  the doctors and nurses to the OECD nations by a big margin. And over 50,000 nurses from the UK are now working in the health care systems in other OECD nations. 

According to the  Health Department spokesman, the foreign staff are important part of the NHS team but they might have equal qualifications and better communication skills. There are over 8,500 more nurses on our wards and around 10,100 additional doctors since the year 2010. 

NHS statistics for the year 2014 is saying that around 25% of doctors are non British, and around 13.5% of nurses, figures that remain high in Europe.

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