Online forums help 70% of Migrants in New Zealand

January 29, 2014

Online forums help 70% of Migrants in New Zealand

A New Zealand reporter spoke to Migrants across the country who had relocated within the past twelve months to find out how they found the transition and what advice and tips were beneficial to them. Over 70% said they have used online forums as a huge help with the move and believe without them they would have found the migration process a lot more difficult. 

There are many online forums on the internet today who help with relocations across the world. Many are used by people who have already made the transition to a new life abroad and they upload many tips and personal stories which are hard to find in more authoritative places.  

Migrants can find friends in New Zealand this way before they even move here which can make the relocation process a lot less daunting. They also provide potential migrants with all the tips that are sometimes hidden such as why a house price in a certain area is relatively low, what a work commute to a certain town or city would realistically be like and many more things which are wholly beneficial such as how to register with a doctor and enroll a child into a local school. 

There have been many success stories come from these online forums such as the friendship between an English families from the city of Coventry who began talking online to a native Australian family who had migrated to New Zealand over twenty years previously. Their experiences were shared and their friendship blossomed to the extent that the New Zealand migrants were waiting at the airport to greet the new arrivals and give them hands on help with their move in October of 2013. The families now both live in close proximity and are in regular contact. 

When looking to make the life changing decision of setting up home in a foreign country every aspect of it can leave you with doubts and many questions. By using an online forum specialising in migration to your chosen destination this can help put to bed any doubts and give you a realistic view of what life will be like by people who have been there and done it. 

The internet is a wonderful place to gain information on anything and for migration the online assistance is in abundance. There is even a website which specialises in video sharing where you can watch firsthand the journey of many migrants who have kept a video diary showing every detail of their move to their brand new life in New Zealand. 

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