Ontario to introduce new migration act to benefit immigrants

November 27, 2014
Ontario to reinstate migration act to benefit immigrants

Ontario is in a plan of reinstating its migration act to aid the province to work collectively with Ottawa to surge the economic benefits of migration.

Migration plays a significant role in building the powerful economy by holding their networks and creating new relations which will be helpful in keeping Ontario competing in the global markets.

As per the new immigration act, Ontario would aid the federal government of Canada in selection, admission of skilled migrants and recruitment.

To enhance the accountability and reliability of the migration selection regime, it would strengthen the current efforts by reducing the number of deceits. It would surge the translucency with migration partners.

The Canadian government also revamps the provincial nominee plan to react accordingly to the anticipated improvement with regards to allotment of economic migrants. 

Augmenting the migration program of Ontario is only a part of the government’s economic regime. The four-fold scheme includes driving Ontario up by building new public transportation such as transit and roads, investing in the skills and talents of the people and developing a helpful and lively atmosphere where business blooms and initiate a safe savings plan to help each one during retirement.
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