Overseas arrivals in Peru increase by 19.5% in January

March 13, 2015
International visitors coming to Peru in January 2015 grew by 19.5%

The overall count of foreigners coming to Peru for the purpose of work was 8,587 in January 2015. It depicts an extension of 19.5 percent when compared to the month of January in 2014 as per National Institute of Statistics and Information, Peru.

The people from abroad countries who arrived at Peru with valid work permits were nationals of the following countries like Colombia, at the highest percent of 20.4. Next was Spain at 20 percent, followed by Chile at 11.3%, Argentina recorded 8.5 percent and Brazil at 6.2 percent. The countries which recorded 5 percent and below were Ecuador at exactly 5 percent, U.S. (4 percent), Venezuela at 3.9 percent, Bolivia recorded a 3.1 percent, Mexico was at 2.2 percent, Italy at 1.7 percent, France at 1.5 percent, UK got 1.2 percent and finally, Portugal was at 1 percent. There were other countries which summed up to a total of 10 percent.

INEI registered a total of 381, 595 tourists in January 2015. In comparison with the same time during last year, the result showed a 16.2 percent rise. These figures include travelers, crew, diplomats and visitors as well as others. The arrivals were mainly from Chile, at a percent of 52.9. Other countries which followed suit was Ecuador at 9 percent, Bolivia with a percent of 8.5, U.S. at 8.4 percent, Colombia came up with 3.8 percent, Brazil got 3.8 percent, Spain recorded 3.4%, Argentina secured 2.2 percent and Panama with 1.8 percent. Additionally, some other countries accounted for up to 6.2 percent. The visitors comprised of 52.3 percent men and 47.7 percent of women.

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