Overseas nurses hiring for UK would be prioritized from December month

November 05, 2015
In UK, the nurse occupation has been inserted to the list of occupation shortage, giving priority to employment of nurses from out of the country.

Under UK’s Tier 2 program, the immigrants can now apply for the position in the country if in case the position can’t by filled by the settled worker.

Nurses are required in the UK

The positions under labour category which are in demand are being listed on the Shortage Occupation List.  And it has many advantages like applications for the restricted certificates of sponsorships (RCoS) which the employers are needed to show would be given priority by system of points allocation which is applicable to this stream. It means that the likelihood of the applications for nurses which are being accepted is higher. 

The employers can issue the sponsorship certificate to the individual from out of EEA of the role of nursing without the requirement to show that the test for resident labour market (RLMT) had been carried out. This would make the procedure for application easier.

The salary threshold that applies to positions for regular labour filled by overseas workers do not apply to the positions on the list.

The government of UK currently declared that from 6th April 2016, the threshold would be hiked to the least income of 35,000 pounds.  The applications for nursing would be considered as part of list of shortage occupation from December 2015 allocation round of UKVI.

The limits on the applications would remain same, recently standing at the position of 20,700. The applications for nursing would be subject to this limit, likely resulting in the quicker filling of more number of applications.

After five years of residing and working in the UK, the immigrants can apply for permanent residency in the UK, which is called as indefinite leave to stay in the country.

The foreigners who migrate to the UK was over 3,00,000 in the first quarter of this year, and it has been slowly increasing since the year 2012.

The government of UK is recently reviewing the Tier 2 program as well as Graduate Entrepreneur and Tier 1 Entrepreneur paths.

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