Overseas students looking for top-class education should consider the UK

December 31, 2015
Foreign students who are looking to get top class education shall consider the UK as its education destination. UK’s institutions provide cutting-edge research, academic excellence, globally renowned universities, state of the art facilities and an overseas student environment.

Why you should choose the UK

The UK is placed second on the list of most desired destination in the whole world for foreign higher education with around 4,93,000 overseas students from more than 200 nations, which also includes 21,000 students from India. The UK is also the home for few of the most respected universities around the globe. The UK also hosts four universities which are among the top ten universities of the world, and it also host around 30 universities which are listed among world’s top 200 universities.

Overseas students looking for top-class education should consider the UK

British education provides excellent value for money. As it is recognized by the employers globally. And the degrees courses of the UK are more powerful than the courses in any other nation, as students receive top quality education in short period of time. It also costs less than any other country like the US, Australia, and Singapore.

Foreign graduates who are educated in the UK receives high average salaries in their home nation, the students returning to India gets an average starting income of 13,214 pounds. In a recent survey done, it was shown that the graduates from Cambridge and Oxford universities were rated most employable in the whole world, while Imperial College London, London School of Economics and the Manchester University made up in the top 10.

Where to start from

Those who look to study abroad faces two biggest challenges, and they are selecting the right course and the institution. 

Education Opportunities for Indian students

India and the UK have strong research and strategic tie-up in the field of education. The UK India Research Initiative and Education had promoted more than 1000 research partnerships and education that has the potential to deliver the long-term benefits for both the countries.  The program has facilitated around 25,000 exchanges of researchers, academicians, students and staff since the year 2006. The UK had also allocated around 50 million pounds over five years for mutually financed partnerships with India.

UK had also launched the Generation UK-India program to support around 25,000 individuals to get benefited from the UK gain experience and skills in India over the next five years.  It would work with the institutions of India in creating job opportunities for the youngsters in the UK.

The Government UK also offers many scholarships to the overseas students. As part of the Great Britain Scholarships –India 2015, the British Council is providing scholarships which are worth more than 1.5 million pounds, with more than 400 scholarships to be offered in the year 2016.

Chevening is the Government of UK’s flagship universal scholarship program. The India program is now the world’s biggest with the budget of 2.6 million for the year 2015-16.

Work permits and Jobs in the UK

All the non-EU students should get the UK visa to study or work in the UK. There is no limit on the student visa that could be granted to the students from India until they had met all the requirements and they had also got the offer to study in the UK. India stood at third place after China and the US in terms of the students visa grants to the students from India and almost 9 out of 10 students get their visas.

Students who had got the graduate level jobs, could switch to job visa and reside in the UK for more three years with the choice to extends within four months of completing their education.  Students could reside in the UK for a year more if they had got the internship on the exchange scheme which is authorized by the government.

The UK offers excellent prospects; it’s a vibrant and stimulating place to reside and study and great value for money.  The UK is committed to welcome students from India as well as providing them the environment to assist accelerate their professional aspirations and growth.

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