Own your very own hectare of wonderful forest!

November 18, 2013
Own your very own hectare of wonderful forest
A wonderful scheme recently launches in New Zealand is the chance for people to own a small percentage of natural forest.

The first person to purchase their very own hectare of New Zealand forest was native and grandmother, Glenys Hanson who was at the launch of the new idea and urged all Grandparents to purchase a hectare in order to help to preserve the forest for future generations including their grandchildrens predominantly. 

New Zealand is world famous for it’s acres or natural forests which are untouched by man, we have forests full of exotic wildlife and birds that you will find in no other countries and to keep it so we need to initiate many more ideas like this to ensure that we keep our wonderful heritage just as it should be. New Zealanders are extremely passionate about their country and you won’t ever see forests demolished and wildlife homeless to make way for any modern ideas, man settled in this country and left it as it was and whether it is 2013 or 3012 natives will endeavour to preserve every inch with a fierce passion and determination. 

This particular hectare programme was originally launched by the Mount Bruce Trust Board in the early 2000s and we still have a number of hectare owners out in the community - many of them overseas. Overseas owners of land tend to buy as a token of their love for the place and to keep a part of New Zealand close to their hearts, it is also a wonderful reason to visit again and again. 

There is no better purchase as a gift for that hard to buy for person, or as a corporate or school donation it's an easy and fun idea and something totally unique, who wouldn’t want to own their very own piece of Pukaha?

Visitors, tourists and natives alike all share a huge passion for New Zealand, or they wouldn’t be here and for a mere $25 donation for each quarter hectare people can choose their very own piece of Pukaha to treasure for an entire year. There has been a large map erected which is on display in the Pukaha Visitor Centre showing red dots for each purchased hectare and although there are many hectares still available the managers and co founders of the scheme don’t think it will be long until the whole map is full of tiny red dots!
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