Passing the US Immigration Bill 'in doubt' this year

February 03, 2014


Republicans are not likely to comprise on US immigration reform unless and until US boundaries are secured, and there are very less chances of reaching the immigration bill to the President Barack Obama’s desk this year, according to the Representative Paul Ryan. 

Ryan said on ABC’s ‘’This Week’’ “We might be able to get somewhere, only when security is given first priority and not amnesty.” 

Republicans controlled house has held up the ‘immigration reform legislation’, which the senate has already passed. Ryan’s comments follow a house document that presents a path towards 11 million illegal migrants now in the US. 

The plan that was rolled out by the House of Republicans states principles for immigration and holds objectives which give their candidates a message for campaigning that goes far-off political attacks on Obama.

Ryan answered a question saying that he really doesn’t know whether Obama would get a bill to sign for this year. This is obviously in doubt. 

It continues to be uncertain whether the house will proceed any further amid strong republican divisions. The principles are seen as evaluating the party’s desire to deal with such a controversial issue during election time, when all 435 seats are being contested. 

Last June, the Senate passed a bill, which provides path to 11 million immigrants who are living in the United States illegitimately and tightens security at the border. 

The bill held up in the house, and conservative Republicans in both chambers are opposing the legal status for millions of illegal migrants who live in the United States illegally. 

Last week in an interview, Obama hinted, that he would offer legal status to the undocumented workers, provided they are not permanently prohibited from becoming citizens.

Pathway to US Citizenship

Obama and his supporter may face difficulty in decision making whether to hold the creation of path to illegal migrants and instead tighten the security at the border, which they have previously criticized.

McDonough said that, Obama doesn’t want to see two classes of permanent people such as citizens and non-citizens. 

Ryan also said in the ABC interview, that they have no idea who is coming and going in the United States. According to Ryan, they do not have control of US borders, and doing nothing on the border security is not the responsible thing to do. All the members are participating in the debate and discussing to get consensus. 

Appearing on the CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’, House Republican Eric Cantor said, that this party is wishing to make progress on the immigration issue, gradually from one stage to the next. 

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