Payments for the visa sponsorships prohibited in Australia

November 28, 2015
The honesty of the visa system of Australia had been reinforced as the law has been passed for restricting the people from getting payments in return for sponsoring the permanent and temporary overseas workers.

The Migration Adjustment Bill prohibits the behavior that involves asking, receiving, providing or offering the payment or any other benefits in exchange for the sponsorship of the visa.

Payments for the visa sponsorships prohibited in Australia

According to the Immigration and Border Protection Minister, Peter Dutton, the latest law would defend the trust of the migration program of Australia and the potentially susceptible foreign workers.

According to him, it is not acceptable for anyone to make the personal benefits from selling the sponsorship of the visa and it is not tolerable for the overseas worker for becoming an permanent resident of Australia or be permitted a work visa of Australia by paying the employer for their visa. Paying a sponsor for the visa not only weakens the workplace regulation of Australia but the applicants who have paid for the visa are also known to be more susceptible to the abuse and extortion by their sponsor.

This law is the outcome of the proposals from the current review of the subclass 457 visa program. The requirement for this law was also highlighted after multiple suspected examples of payment of visa was identified. In every case of the DIBP was not able to take the direct action because of the gaps in the current law framework.

Peter Dutton also said that the reforms which has been started today by the Australian government sends a obvious message that this behavior would not be tolerated and there are now penalties like imprisonment for up to two years and penalties of up to $3,24,000 and cancellation of the visa for those who are busy in this conduct.

Meanwhile, the debate in the Parliament on the Citizenship adjustment of Australia Bill 2015 would start subsequent week. The Bill was due to arrive before the parliament this week. It is now predicted to be altered in the Lower House next week and pass in the Senate by the end of the week so that it becomes the regulation quickly afterwards.

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