Pennsylvania and Great Lakes states of the US requires skilled immigrants

April 28, 2016
Previously this month, the USCIS has declared that they had reached the compulsory H-1B limit for the FY 2017. This H-1B visa program lets the employers in the US to employ foreign employees on provisional basis in occupations that needs specialized skills.

Pennsylvania and Great Lakes states of the US requires skilled immigrants

It has been seen that regions like Great Lakes and Pennsylvania in the US has got acute requirement of high skilled and foreign talent for continuing the economic renaissance that occurs over these two states.

That is the reason why Coalition of Metro Chamber in Great Lakes which is a group of 40 commerce chambers that covers 12 states in the region of Great Lakes has considered changes in immigration for high skilled employees  as an important policy goal.

Battle for talent is international.  Motivating lawful high skilled immigration is important for development, prosperity.  Shifting demographics are reducing the talent pools and risking the economic competitiveness in many areas of Great Lakes.  The outcome is the shortage of employees in the Great Lakes region.  Last year, Midwest states has witnessed STEM employment postings, over 2.4 million, which was up by over 50% from the year 2014. Inflow of talented and high skilled professionals is required. Increasing the H-1B limit is the important part of solution.

As per Enterprise institute of America, for each approved H-1B visa, around 1.83 jobs were created for US workers. This number has increased to 2.62 jobs when viewing at H1-B applicants with STEM related degrees. 

Pushing for immigration reforms is needed for better education and training our US citizens and also welcoming the immigrants especially those who assist the US for closing the skilled employee gap.

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