Philippines' embassy in Beijing issues instructions to its countrymen

April 12, 2014
Philippines’ embassy in Beijing issues instructions to its countrymen
The Philippines’ embassy in Beijing, China, has instructed its countrymen in an information campaign to strictly follow visa rules and not break them while entering or staying in China. It has cautioned that otherwise, they would be facing legal and penal action from the Chinese government. And these, it has said could include deportation, blacklisting, arrest, prosecution, etc. in China. This campaign was initiated by the embassy after it received reports and information that 200 aliens, including 48 Filipinos among them were evacuated or removed from the country (China) for different types of offences including overstaying, employment without proper documentation, illegal drugs, and more.

The Chinese immigration authorities had arrested and detained some Filipinos for possessing fake Chinese visas or forged passports, being employed without proper authorization from the Chinese department of immigration, impersonation, overstaying and other such offences. There were some who were entering the country illegally and then using it as a launching pad for traveling to another country. 

So, the Philippines’ embassy in Beijing has launched an official campaign to inform, bring awareness, etc., among Filipinos about living in an alien country, the possible offences which Filipinos may indulge in and warning them that these offences should not be indulged in, etc. The following are some of the offences: they ought not to misuse their tourist visa and work whether that work is compensated or not; they ought not to indulge in any illegal activities such as those involving drugs, prostitution, etc.; they should return to their home country before or on the date of expiry of their visa status to avoid the violation of Chinese laws relating to migration and work pertaining to aliens/foreigners.    
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